Lightweight roofing sheets

Why Onduline?

Lightweight roofing Onduline® is a type of small corrugation roofing imported from Europe and Asia, manufactured by a patented process which ensures even penetration of bitumen. This ensured that the sheet has a high dimensional stability and prevents delamination. Onduline® sheets are finished with a color pigment and resin impregnation process which “stains” the color into the sheet to provide excellent color retention properties and enhanced U.V. resistance.


  • Weighting only 4kg per square meter or 6.4kg per sheet.
  • Easy handling on the jobsite.
  • Saving cost of transportation.
  • Particularly suited for roofing onto lightweight pitched roof structures and renovation projects.














  • Onduline® sheets are highly flexible, can take in many forms such as; hip roof, gable roof, curve roof or lean-to roof.
  • Onduline® sheets are also used as part of the under-roofing system providing a secondary weatherproof roof below the primary roof tile or insulation. In addition, to supplement ancient roof for conservation reason.
  • Over roofing reduces to a minimum the disruption to a building function and allows the thermal and vapour control characteristics of a roof to be upgraded to improve the environmental performance of the building to conform to the latest energy conservation requirements.
  • Use as wall cladding to protect noise from outside.
  • Easy to cut, shape and fix.





  • Strength and impact loading, flexibility, unbreakable
  • Proven to withstand wind speeds up to 120mph / 192kph (Tested at Yarsley Research Centre UK). Equivalent to Typhoon storm level. *Standard installation is required*
  • Toxicity and resistance to chemical, Onduline® cannot rust.
  • Resistance to all climatic conditions, no heat deformation. Onduline® can be used effectively in temperatures up to 70 Degree Celsius (Tested at Yarsley Research Centre UK).
  • Waterproof under all climatic conditions (Tested at Warrington Research Laboratory UK).



  • Onduline® has achieved a low carbon footprint (4kg eq CO2/m2) and recycles some 200,000tons of material each year.
  • Natural pigments are used for coloration.
  •  Products contain no traces of asbestos.
  • Materials composed of recycled fibers, verified by a third party (ICC_ES), whose certificates can help for LEED
  • Ecological lifecycle performance.






  • Onduline® can reduce temperature under the roof, coefficient of thermal conductivity at 0.099W/mK (Tested at LNE France No. 7070616D MAT/1).
  • No problems caused by noise of rain hitting the roof, reverberation coefficient (max): 0.4 – 315Hz (Tested at CEBTP) and sound attenuation coefficient Rw = 28db (Tested at CSTB)
  • Using Onduline® for wall cladding can reduce 7db outside noise (Tested at Wolfson Unit Southampton University UK No. 2089 1592/Bl: Anti Noise Wall with Onduline®).














Width : 98 cm
Length : 204 cm
Height : 180 (±10) cm

Pallet weight : 2330 ± 100 kg/pallet (gross)
Packing : 350 sheets/pallet - 556 sqm /pallet net coverage






A simple and flexible wall and roofing system!


Thanks to their reduced weight (about 3 kg/m²) and their great mechanical flexibility, Onduline® sheets can be installed

on an extremely diverse range of lightweight roof structures.

Onduline® sheets only require a very simple toolkit to install: a hammer for securing the sheets and a band saw for

cutting them down to size.

In contrast to many roofing materials which are unable to withstand journeys on rough roads, Onduline® sheets never break while in transit.


A reliable solution for all climates!


Incorporating the properties of the finest grades of bitumen, Onduline® sheets deliver perfect seal integrity in all climates.

Thermally speaking, Onduline® composite has one of the lowest heat conducting coefficients on the market. Not only that, it also insulates well against the noise of heavy rainfall and is able to withstand Siberian levels of sub-zero weather.

The corrugated shape of Onduline® sheets makes roof structures easier to ventilate and delivers great temperature resistance to any roof.

Lightweight, non-cutting and ultra-flexible, Onduline® sheets are specified by a great many architects in regions of the world exposed to the risk of hurricanes.



Onduline® sheets are produced with "Onduline" logo cold stamped on the colored side of the sheet. This impression is one of the distinctive particularities of the sheets. Thanks to this method one can distinguish the sheets from similar or imitation products at a glance.

At the other side of the sheet European Norms, Onduline® logo and production date (month/year) are printed.







Color range













Onduline® is available in four colors.
















Installation details