Above all, we protect ! Onduline® is sustainable and offers to you a waterproofing warranty.

At Onduline, our core values are simplicity, reliability and commitment. And by commitment we mean,

quite literally, “protection above all.” Our ongoing mission is to take serious sustainable actions at every

level of our business, from our products and processes to our people and our planet. We’re constantly

striving to fundamentally improve the way we operate, providing our customers with truly sustainable

roofing solutions at a reasonable price, improving people’s lives as well as the neighborhoods they live in.

For us, sustainability must be more than a buzz word. It must be fully integrated into our business thinking,

including environmental, economic and social responsibility. We recognize that it’s our duty to take a leading

role, to ensure a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future for us, our partners, our people and our

customers. And we’ll continue to make major strides in all of these areas.


The construction sector is one of the main responsible parties leading to depletion of fossil resources and progression of global warming as a serious threat for our world. Sustainability and environmental consciousness have started to become an element of high priority in the construction industry. While green buildings with low energy consumption are encouraged with the internationally accepted green building certificates like LEED and BREEAM... it is also targeted to develop the concept of sustainability throughout the entire sector. The construction material producers are also required to keep up with this new dynamics in the sector and adopt innovative

productions with the least environmental damage and the least depletion of resources.





A sustainable solution…
• Light weight
• Composed with recycled materials
• Eco-responsible process
• Designed to be easily & quickly installed…
…improves building sustainability…
• Light weight roof thus lighter structure, walls…
• Easier transport and manipulation
• Fast installation
• Shared know-how to install roofs…
…and people well being
• Faster use of the building
• Safe protection
• Thermal and acoustical comfort…




Our products

All of our products and materials are lightweight, which makes for simpler, more efficient transportation as well as less waste at construction sites.

What’s more, they’reasbestos-free, composed of recycled fibers and use natural pigments for coloration.


Our process

We’re proud to have achieved a positive carbon footprint and a much lower volume of CO than other roofing solutions. 2

Additionally, our manufacturing processes boast low energy consumption (just 4 kwh per m2) and no dangerous waste. Our plants are equipped

with high-performance treatment systems for gas effluents and emit no liquid waste in any form. The after-life of our products is just as important. 

Through high-tech recycling processes, we’ve been able to achieve high content of post-consumer material (around 50%). In fact, we’re currently

recycling some 200,000 tons of material each year. Every action we implement is carefully considered in terms of environmental responsibility.

For example, our stand at this year’s Batimat Exhibition has been carefully designed to be broken down and reused at other events.


Our people

People are the cornerstone of our endeavors and, ultimately, everything we do is to improve their lives.

In addition to all the sustainable initiatives behind our products and processes, Onduline is a company that values its workers. We currently employ

more than 1,600 people across the globe, representing dozens of nationalities, cultures and languages. And the average employee stays with us for

seven years on average, well above the global median for private-sector.


Our proof

In this noisy area of exaggerated green-intensive communication, it’s important to be able to back up real initiatives with solid facts and reliable

third-party confirmation. Onduline’s achievements are regularly recognized by leading organizations and labels.

For instance, we’ve earned the prestigious VAR 1016 certification for high-impact recycling, which provides elements for LEED certification for

sustainable green building operations. Not to mention the carbon footprint, which we have conducted with Pur Project, well known experts of this field.


Onduline’s carbon footprint 4066 g CO2/m2.
Our products are least emissive products, comparing to other roofing solutions

Pur ProjetMarch 2011



Recycled content : Onduline has received a VAR Confirmation report (VAR 1016) to precise the recycled content of its solutions.
ICC-ESJune 2011




Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
We are the first company who applied for an EPD for our bitumen corrugated product family. We thus created a Product Category Rule for Roofing and

Wall Cladding (PCR) that was accepted in July 2012 by German Institute IBU. This PCR will be the basis for all future EPD’s of whatever supplier.

EPD provides quantified and required data to monitor life circle assessment (LCA) impact.

Recycled content and EPD are essential for professionals, especially specifiers: it gives points for LEED or green standards.

IBU (Institut Bau und Umwelt) / PE International, February 2013